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March 28: Here is a clip of Steve Lorenz's interview with Paulette McDonald on The Single Parent Show

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Nebraska Legislature: Corrupt or Incompetent


Richard Ducote, Protector of "Child Abusers"

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Richard Lynn Ducote is the lawyer for child abuser Susan Erdine Lien. Susan Lien has not only abused our daughter Steffany, but also other children in her care.

• Please read the testimony of another child abused by Susan Lien.

• Please read a letter from The Honourable John Cummins, Member of Parliament in response to Richard Lynn Ducote.

• Please read Justice Slade's premanent order for custody.

Richard Lynn Ducote is a fraud. He is a dinosaur living in the year 2010 that does not believe parents alienate their children against other parents. How many false allegations has Richard Lynn Ducote concocted?


Latest Updates:

September 30, 2010: We have added new correspondence with our MPs to the Documents page.

March 28, 2010: We have added another letter from our MP, John Cummins, to the Documents page.


Lincoln Baton Twirler is a World Champion

Steffany Sue Lorenz Lien

A Father - Daughter Nightmare

The complete record of this case is enclosed in Mr. Justice Slade’s Reasons for Judgment on the Documents page.

On March 19th, 1998, Steffany was born to Susan Lien and myself. In April of that year, she was baptized, Steffany Sue Lorenz. Prior to moving into a residence Susan and I had purchased, Steffany was abducted and removed from Canada and taken to the state of Nebraska. This occurred after I had discovered Steffany’s name had been changed and my parental information as the father was omitted from her Live Birth Registration. Steffany was subsequently returned to British Columbia on September 1st, 1998, after police and lawyers became involved.

On September 28th, 2000, British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Barry Davies gave the mother an interim order for custody with both parties having joint guardianship. This order was sought under the guise of Susan furthering her education in Nebraska. The program has not been completed to this date. Justice Davies granted this order despite the fact Steffany had already been abducted and removed from the country on a prior occasion. There was also a court ordered report from a psychologist that concluded Susan Lien would have no intention of facilitating access if given mobility.

I had access during holiday periods regularly until 2004. The access consisted of me flying to Nebraska and bringing Steffany home to British Columbia. Prior to a scheduled three week visit in the summer of 2004, I was called in by the Delta Police. There had been an accusation of abuse against me made through the Nebraska Police. Subsequently, I volunteered a polygraph to the Delta Police and cooperated fully in their investigation. The police cleared me of any wrong doing.

Click to watch these videos of Steffany spending time with her family.

On November 19th, 2004, I went back into the British Columbia Supreme Court to reinstate my access. An order of access was granted and Susan Lien’s request that BC decline jurisdiction over Steffany was declined.

The B.C. Supreme Court and Appeals Courts have refused to decline jurisdiction over Steffany on five different occasions. Susan Lien filed this case in the B.C. Supreme Court so there is no dispute over jurisdiction. The highest court in Nebraska, The Supreme Court of Nebraska acknowledged British Columbia was the appropriate jurisdiction over this case in their February 2007 decision.

There were allegations of abuse made against me after four consecutive access visits. On each occasion I cooperated fully with the police and Child Protective Services. These investigations have included submitting to polygraphs twice. A risk assessment was conducted by Dr. Conrad Bowden, an expert retained by Child Protective Services, and Dr. John Yuile, a forensic psychologist from the University of British Columbia, was hired by the police to review the entire case. The conclusion of all investigations involving me has always concluded with the same result: Abuse never occurred.

I have been more thoroughly vetted than anyone in the political process.

My family and I have found the people of Nebraska not involved in this custody case to be pleasant. Unfortunately, politicians and institutions such as the school district came to conclusions based on Susan Lien’s slander.

Politicians in Nebraska have acted in a reprehensible fashion, allowing a lawyer representing Susan Lien, to write laws that violate Canadian and International law. This has occurred twice. My legal counsel in Nebraska became aware of these proceedings by reading the newspaper. He asked that I be allowed to testify before the committee and was refused. This is the second time this year that the Nebraska Legislature has gained international attention by passing an inappropriate bill, the other bill also involved children. These actions have implications in both Canada and the United Stated. If a state sponsored abduction is allowed to stand, why would any Country honour an American custody order?

Mr. Justice Slade’s reasons for judgment not only have decided permanent custody of Steffany, but I fully expect criminal child abduction charges to be approved by the Crown Counsel.

Paragraph 39 of Mr. Justice Slade’s reasons clearly indicates that this is the only conclusion one can come to given Susan Lien’s actions. My family and I have spent approximately $350,000.00 in legal bills and travel expenses during the last ten years. I have been fortunate enough while growing up to have spent considerable time in the United States travelling, playing sports and attending University. The American people usually always act with fairness and honour when given all the information. This case is very straight forward and Mr. Justice Slade has succinctly articulated the events. There is testimony from two children, being physically and emotionally intimidated by Susan Lien in the same manner as Steffany.

I trust that honesty, integrity and the court order will bring Steffany back to British Columbia.

Steffany on August 30th, 2006, the last time I kissed you good-bye, I promised you that I would never quit on you, and I won’t.